Bridging Finance

Loans can be structured in many ways and can be arranged on Investment, Buy to Let, Land and Vacant Property

  • Commercial, Residential Properties and Land
  • Loans from £25,001 to £25m
  • Rates from 0.43% per month
  • Interest payments can be either rolled up, retained or paid monthly
  • Loans from 1 day to 24 months
  • No proof of Income is required
  • Loans can be on the first or second charge basis

The benefits of taking a bridging loan are:

  • Immediate decisions, so no long credit score process to contest with
  • Very quick access to funds, which is beneficial if tight deadlines have to be met
  • Finance is needed for business purposes or a capital injection
  • Purchase at auction with the knowledge that the funds are in place
  • Flexible terms
  • No monthly payments
  • All products and rates are completely transparent
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We can offer you the best bridging loans. What is bridge financing and bridge loan financing, they are basically called bridge loans, or a bridge loan and are a way of getting short term funding quickly.

 Bridgeing loans can normally be arranged very quickly usually in a matter of days or weeks. This is why bridging finance arranged by a bridging finance broker can be a very good way of getting at your tied up capital quickly.  We deal with over 80 bridging finance companies who specialise in providing quick non status bridging finance loans, including bridging finance London who are active in London and the south east we also deal with bridging finance solutions and do a lot of business with bridging finance uk

Bridging financing has over the last few years become very popular taking up the slack that the main clearing banks have left in the market.  The best way to get a bridging loan is through a bridging loan broker who would deal with multiple bridging loan companies who specialise as bridging loan lenders, in the uk

These bridging loan providers offer bridging loans for the following commercial bridging finance, commercial bridging loan, commercial bridging loans. fast bridging finance and fast bridging loan are3 both active in the market. If you need a fast bridging loans or a fast commercial loans, then your best action is to appoint a finance brokers, who can also help you with any number of large bridging loans, london bridging finance is particularly good at dealing with larger than average transactions.

So a property bridging loan and property bridging loans are best sourced through a whole of the market property finance brokers. Who can also find you quick bridging finance along with quick bridging loans.

They can also offer you residential bridging finance and also residential bridging loan for any requirement that you have for residential funding. residential bridging loans, also offer a chance to get  short term bridging finance and  short term bridging loans, based on the capital value of your property if you would like to arrange a short term bridging loan please give us a call on 0207 287 6300

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